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I know you hear all the talk about a crash coming soon. The market is crazy, and interest rates are steadily rising. If you are in the market for a home or investment property, it may seem like the finish line is being pulled further away. In reality, all of that may be true. Another fact, there will never be a perfect time for anything. I could have easily talked myself out of everything that I’ve gone after in my life because of timing, including purchasing our new home this year.

Funny story! I vented to my best friend about how I didn't think it was possible to get another house in this crazy market. She quickly reminded me that the rules of this world don’t apply to us. When you have God on your side, things will line up in ways you can’t imagine, which is precisely what happened with our latest purchase. Everything lined up perfectly, and the same will happen for you too!

There are things you can do to ensure when opportunity arise, you have your ducks in a row. Be prepared by having your excellent credit score in your back pocket and adding income streams to fatten your bank account.

Even if you don’t plan to buy this year, right now is ALWAYS the best time to work on your credit and savings plan. You can get started today with The Credit Hacks BluePrint. I show you nine personal credit hacks to increase your credit score in 30-90 days. I also include a collections letter template to help you dispute negative items off your credit report.

The Credit Hacks Blueprint.

If you need ideas on adding streams of income check out our blog Post

8 Ways to Create Passive Income With Little or No Money

We are on the road to millionaire status! Are you coming?

See you at the top!

Ebby LeBlanc

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